Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prom Night

Me and my prom date circa 1982.

Prom season is upon us!  Remember when prom wasn't the outrageous expense that it is today?  At my prom we didn't need to rent a limo, my boyfriend at the time had borrowed his dad's Lincoln which everyone had dubbed "the boat".  My dress didn't cost thousands of dollars, and it certainly didn't have a designer label.  Also, it would never occur to me to go to a tanning salon prior to the prom.  Me and my friend would usually park ourselves in some lawn chairs out back and try to get some sun prior to the prom to get some color...but I recall it being a little chilly since it was still April.  We danced the night away to Hall & Oats, J. Geils Band, Soft Cell, Quarterflash and many other 80s bands of the day...hell we probably even danced to SUPERFREAK!  Anyway, prom was just a fun "grownup" night out and was our first taste of "adulthood".  Everyone would always go drinking before and after the prom (typical teenagers), and of course there was always someone who overdid it and ended up puking in the bathroom...Aaahh those were the days!  Prom night also was a night where girls/boys would lose their virginity...if they haven't already.  Most kids I knew hadn't back then, but I'm sure thats not the case today.  I remember I had cut my hair short a few months prior, because I wanted to look like Olivia Newton-John...her video "Physical" was incredibly popular at the time and I loved her hair in that!  I know I sound like an old lady complaining about kids today, but seriously, the prom is not the same as it was back in my day....Damn! Did I just say "back in my day"?? Starting to sound like my parents!

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