Monday, May 7, 2012

OK Folks...

I know, the last few posts have been sad RIP's...but I swear...This post is a happy one!
It has been rumored that Mick Jagger will be the host of the season finale of SNL on May 19th!  I'm so excited to see Mick!  I wonder if Keith Richards will make an appearance?  Anyway, I'm totally excited about this!  To use an overused will be EPIC!

Loving Keith's Crocodile Dundee hat!  Only he can make it look cool!

As you may know by reading my posts, the Stones are one of my favorite bands of all time.  What would really make this SUPER AWESOME is if the Stones were the musical's to wishful thinking.

  Damn it...I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!