Thursday, February 14, 2013

Old Apartment

For the last year I've lived in the suburbs.  At first it was a big change, but now that I am all settled in, I like it.  I've gotten rid of many of the 60s, 70s decorations I had, including most of my 8tracks.  I'm posting  photos of my old place, when it was still Suzy's 8-Track palace....OK, palace its NOT, but it was home for me and my cat Sammy and dog Aspen for several years.  I still miss most of my fun and funky items, but honestly, most of this stuff would just sit on a shelf gathering dust.  I'm trying to go for a more minimal look to my new home, but I thought I would share some images of how my old apartment used to look.  I was going for a late 60s - 70s vibe here.  Sadly, most of the stuff I've ended up either putting it up on Freecycle, Craigslist or carting it over to Goodwill.

 The only thing that I still have from this room is the bookcase and the mirror.

 Lots of orange going on here.  The kitchen table I got off Craigslist, and didn't have it very long, it scratched up pretty easily so I got rid of it.  One of the disadvantages of having a cat who won't stay off the table!

 The only thing I really miss from this room is that groovy swag lamp, also that painting was pretty cool too, even though it was rather beat up and had a warped frame.  I ended up putting it in the trash room of my building and one of the other tenants ended up taking it.  Glad to know that it is most likely hanging on someone's wall.

 An aerial view of the living room.  This was before I purchased the flokati rug. Geez, I'm embarassed by all those video tapes in my TV cabinet.

 My old little stereo and metal cabinet from Ikea.  I still have the big floor pillow, but everything else is gone now.

 Hot pink in the bathroom!  Not sure what look I was going for in the bathroom...but I do love hot pink!

I think I stole these images from Wallpaper of the 70s website and printed and framed them.  They make rather groovy

 Decals from Ikea that I slapped on the fridge.

 When I was a kid, I recall watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show, and loved her apartment!  She had a big "M" on her wall, and I thought, when I get my own place, I'm going to do the same...but with my initial....and I did!  I still have the umbrella stand and the vintage poster advertising a love-in for the Summer of Love, but just about everything else is gone...including the "S".

Sadly, this bookcase was badly damaged during my move, but at least I still have my records to console me.

Hard to believe that most of these are gone now.  Some guy who lives a few towns away from me purchased the whole lot!  At least I know that they went to someone who wants to repair and fix some of those broken players.   Actually, the Weltron did work...but needed some tweaking. The 2XL just stopped powering up at some point, but it did work when I first got it.  The Aquatron needed a new belt, but lit up when you plugged it in.

 Still have these paintings and pictures...the lamp is long gone though.

My incredibly groovy swag lamp....damn I'm gonna miss you!  That willow branch was a trash find, and I ended up giving it to the girl who moved into my apartment, because she liked it.  I told her she could have it and left it in the closet for her when I moved out.  Nice to think that its still there hanging on the wall.

Sadly, this plant died a month after the move, it didn't take to the change very nicely and all the leaves fell off. The smaller one on the top of the bookcase is thriving and now I need to get a larger pot for it.

I still have my orange chair and the white bookcase behind it and the paintings on the wall, but everything else is gone now.  I'm feeling a bit nostalgic looking at these photos...I can even see the ear of my Aspen on the right hand corner, he passed away a couple years ago.

Groovy little paintings that I got for $2 (for both).  I especially love the woman staring at you with intense eyes.

Replaced my white Ikea table with this groovy formica with faux wood top.  I really hated to let this table go, but didn't need it where I was moving to.  I still have the orange chairs and orange stool though.

 My dog Aspen blends in with the rug!  As you can see, I've rearranged the furniture in the room quite a bit.

 I don't think this set up lasted very long, the door would sometimes hit the chair...and it was really annoying!

My cat Sammy, checking out the table...It was a losing battle trying to keep him off table and countertops.  Sadly, he passed away about a year and a half ago.  Both he and Aspen were 15 1/2 years old and left me the same year (6 months apart).   Sammy was with me since he was barely 6 weeks old.  Aspen came to me when he was four and remained with me the rest of his life.

 This was Sammy's favorite chair.  This was taken a few months before he passed away.

 Still have this groovy chair and most of the pottery pictured.

Had this chair for a little while.  Got the chair for $20 and the cushion for $15 at Pier 1 on clearance.  Sadly, it wasn't super comfortable and I ended up putting it up on freecycle not long aferwards.

 Aspen sniffing things out in the back patio.

My sweet baby sleeping in the living room.  This was taken during his last year with me.  I still miss you sweetie!  At times I do miss my old apartment, especially because of my pets and the memories we had together, but I'm really enjoying where I'm living now too.  We have a lovely condo and I've done some painting and decorating.  Its definitely a more minimalist space, but I'm beginning to embrace having less "stuff" in my life.  Looking at these photos I'm amazed that I was able to cram in as much junk as I did!