Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vintage Christmas

For many years, my family would pile into the car and drive to my grandparents house for Christmas Eve.  It was always such a magical and fun time for everyone!  Below are some photos that I found from Christmas past.  Enjoy!

My grandparents getting cozy

Me, my brother and sister posing with my grandmother circa 1968

My grandparents with the grandkids, circa 1968

Christmas 1980.  Ugh...I still had braces at that time!

Christmas 1977...thankfully the Dorothy Hamill haircut was growing out by this time!

Christmas at my grandparents in the early 70s.  I know that I had a matching muff to match my coat and hat!

Casey, our family dog on a snowy Christmas holiday in the 90s.

My family at my Grandparents house Christmas 1982

Here is my dad at Christmas 1954

Casey and Blanche circa 1990.  Casey was terrified of Blanche...see the look of terror in her eyes as Blanche saunters by!

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